The Wedding World Tour

Four authentic wedding ceremonies on four continents, all within four weeks. We called it a "Wedding World Tour," and it was a romantic adventure -- and the greatest series of lessons on finding and keeping love that we could have ever imagined. 

When we got engaged, we felt that we were already committed for life. So we questioned the purpose of a wedding. Was it for friends, for family... for us? After many months, and many more questions, we decided to create an event together which allowed us to learn about what it took to create a great relationship, while also indulging our love of travel.

We searched far and wide, and although we saw many people who had traveled for several weddings, we didn't see anything like what we defined as a Wedding World Tour: three or more separate wedding ceremonies in at least 3 separate cultures for the purpose, to some extent, of exploring what love means.  

So after just a few frantic months of planning -- all on the standard budget for a US wedding -- we had arranged the four weddings: a fairytale American wedding, a traditional Thai Buddhist ceremony, a raw Maasai tribal wedding in Kenya, and a beautiful ceremony in the seat of civilization, Greece.

Seeking enlightenment and intrigued by cultures with thousands of years of history, we embarked on our journey of love in February 2011. And we had no idea what we'd gotten ourselves into. 

The world gave us lesson after lesson on what marriage means, and put into perspective much of what thought we knew about love and relationships.

Now, in an age of pessimism, we are determined to share our story -- for the adventure, of course, but more importantly because we believe that great relationships are possible for anyone who chooses to set out on their own journey to find them, whatever that may look like.

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Thank you to our Wedding World Tour photographers: Richelle Dante Photography , Pat Rogers Photography, Jason Niedle,  Anthony Lauberth, Alice Chen, and Nick Vranka.